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TANF: Successful Families Program 

The Successful Families Program offers low-income families with children (including an unborn baby) cash assistance and employment services (including support services). Families that qualify for the program are eligible for a range of support including: 

  • Cash assistance is available for up to 24 months. It is also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). 
  • Employment services are designed to strengthen families and remove barriers to employment. Child care assistance may also be available to families receiving employment services.  
  • Support services provide assistance with obtaining employment, job training, obtaining a GED or high school diploma, learning English and other activities. The services can be available up to 12 months after TANF support ends and may include: case management, transportation assistance, clothing allowance and tools.   
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If you are approved, you will receive your funds through a Kansas Benefits Card. The Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Kansas Benefits card is like a debit card. You can manage your benefits on the ebtEDGE mobile app or the cardholder login on  TANF benefits are available the first day of the month.  More information on how to use the card will be sent if you are eligible.

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