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Inspection Reports

Kansas law protects the health, safety, and well-being of children in child care settings by requiring the state to inspect child care programs. Child care programs must maintain health and safety standards and undergo yearly inspections and compliance checks. If there are areas of non-compliance found during an inspection, the issue must be resolved within a short timeframe. The results of inspections and compliance checks are open to the public.

Parents and the public can learn more about inspections, read the regulations and policies around child care facilities and laws, and gain access to their child care provider’s inspection reports.

Explore Regulations

See what rules and regulations child care facilities have to follow in our state.

Search Inspection Reports

Review the compliance history of a current or potential child care provider.

Read Example Report

Here are some tips for reading an inspection report and what to look for.

If you suspect a violation of health or safety at your child’s care provider, file a complaint now. Substantiated complaints become part of the provider’s licensing report.

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Exempt DCF-Enrolled Providers

Some child care programs operate under the jurisdiction of the federal government or Native American tribes. These programs must establish an agreement with DCF to meet licensing requirements. They must maintain the correct child ratio, undergo regular inspections, pass background checks, participate in ongoing training, and meet health and safety requirements.

Currently, DCF has no facilities operating under this type of agreement. If one such facility opens, it will be listed on this page alongside its inspection reports.