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Financial Assistance for Families

Child Care

Many families struggle to pay for the high cost of child care. Find out more about available assistance.

Child Care Assistance Program

Helps pay for child care. Also known as child care subsidy.

Food Resources

If you need help paying for healthy and nutritious meals, you may be eligible for one or more of these food resource programs.

Food Assistance

State program helping cover food costs for Kansas families.


Supplemental nutritional program for mothers and children under 5.

Kansas Food Resources

Free and low-cost food to those in need of food assistance.

Meals For Kids

Summer program for children on free or discounted school meals.

Additional State Resources

Explore additional food resources for Kansas families in need.

Cash Assistance

Programs available to provide cash benefits for eligible individuals and families.


Time-limited funding for when families cannot provide for their basic needs.

Unemployment Insurance

Temporary and partial financial assistance to replace lost wages.

Other Government Assistance

Explore other state and national funding initiatives designed to help Kansas families.


Helps eligible households pay part of their home energy costs.


State Medicaid program for eligible households.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Helping those with disabilities get jobs and be self-sufficient.