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Quality Improvement

Science has proven that higher quality of child care is associated with better outcomes for children. By taking part in additional training and professional development, implementing higher standards of care and other quality improvement practices, you can help children thrive in the settings proven to meet their needs best.

What is Quality Improvement?

Quality improvement is essentially a framework for defining, measuring and improving child outcomes.

But, defining “high-quality” is complex and multi-faceted and can vary from community to community and child to child. Quality child care must take into account factors like culture, family or community needs.  

Quality improvement promotes changes through unique, modern and scientifically proven measurements and practices designed to help providers and their families of all backgrounds. It’s a continuous, ongoing process that is designed to evolve alongside a provider’s career and interests.

It can include items such as:

  • Training and professional development
  • Quality rating and improvement systems
  • Licensing and health and safety requirements
  • Accreditation
  • And much more

Resources for Improving Quality

Interested in learning more about best practices and how to improve care? Explore these local and national resources to find the best fit for you and your families. 

Technical Assistance and Consultation

Links to Quality

Find professional growth through this quality improvement system.

Infant-Toddler Specialist Network

Individualized coaching & training for infant-toddler providers.

Kansas Enrichment Network

Support for school-based programs to enhance learning opportunities.


Infant Mental Health Endorsement

Recognizes competency and experience in the infant-family field.

Breastfeeding Designation

Recognizes provider’s support for the decision to breastfeed.

Accreditation and Applicable Orgs


Promotes learning by connecting practice, policy and research.


Advocates for the awareness and quality of family child care.

Kansas MTSS

Creating a multi-tier system of supports for PreK-12 districts.


Connects a community of Montessori educators and administrators.


Credentials noting excellence in administrators and educators.

Accreditation Opportunities

Learn more about accreditation and information for Kansas providers.