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Professional Development & Training

Professional Development & Training Resources

Professional Development

Being a child care provider requires that you never stop learning. Explore these professional development resources developed by leading-edge experts in the field.

KS Early Learning Standards

The KELS inform what young children should know and be able to do

Core Competencies

What providers should know, understand, and be able to do.


Customize self-assessment & goal-setting for professional growth.

CDA National Credentialing

Earn a national credential with scholarships, training & support.

iPD Portfolio

Learning management system for ongoing professional development.


The success of your children and families starts with you. Take advantage of hands-on learning opportunities provided by local, state and national leaders to help provide better opportunities for those in your care.


State-wide quality, accessible professional development options.


Resources specializing in special education and title services.

KS Children’s Service League

Evidence-based instruction centered around social services.

Zero to Three

Programs, training and resources specializing in 0-3 development.